Tournaments at Liberty Slots Casino

Liberty Slots tournaments offer you the opportunity to pit your wits, skill and luck against thousands of players from all over the world! We have daily and weekly, cash prize, tournaments in the schedule as well as monthly events offering even larger prizes. The full monthly schedule is listed below and is updated at the beginning of each calendar month.

To register for any of our tournaments, click on the tournament button in the casino lobby, review the list of available events, make your pick and sign up using the 'Register' button.

Tournaments end promptly at the published time. Any hands, spins or bonus features in play at the point at which the tournament ends will not complete and the outcome will not apply to the final result of the event. Only completed hands, spins and bonus features will count towards the final outcome.

Prizes are awarded directly into your casino balance within a few minutes of the tournament ending.


Daily Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Play for the PotLucky Beans01-Feb01-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVampire Vixen05-Feb05-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVegas Party06-Feb06-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotFairies Forest07-Feb07-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotLucky Beans08-Feb08-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVampire Vixen12-Feb12-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVegas Party13-Feb13-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotFairies Forest14-Feb14-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotLucky Beans15-Feb15-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVampire Vixen19-Feb19-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVegas Party20-Feb20-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotFairies Forest21-Feb21-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotLucky Beans22-Feb22-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVampire Vixen26-Feb26-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotVegas Party27-Feb27-Feb$3.00The Pot
Play for the PotFairies Forest28-Feb28-Feb$3.00The Pot
Daily Three FreeCrazy Cherry01-Feb01-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeLiberty 7s 02-Feb02-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeMonte Magic03-Feb03-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreePay Day04-Feb04-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeFlamin 7s05-Feb05-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Gold06-Feb06-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Rainbow 7s07-Feb07-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeCrazy Cherry08-Feb08-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeLiberty 7s 09-Feb09-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeMonte Magic10-Feb10-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreePay Day11-Feb11-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeFlamin 7s12-Feb12-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Gold13-Feb13-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Rainbow 7s14-Feb14-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeCrazy Cherry15-Feb15-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeLiberty 7s 16-Feb16-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeMonte Magic17-Feb17-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreePay Day18-Feb18-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeFlamin 7s19-Feb19-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Gold20-Feb20-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Rainbow 7s21-Feb21-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeCrazy Cherry22-Feb22-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeLiberty 7s 23-Feb23-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeMonte Magic24-Feb24-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreePay Day25-Feb25-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeFlamin 7s26-Feb26-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Gold27-Feb27-FebFREE$100
Daily Three FreeTriple Rainbow 7s28-Feb28-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayMile High01-Feb01-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayWataa02-Feb02-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayTarot Treasure03-Feb03-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayGame Day04-Feb04-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayRockin Robin05-Feb05-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayParrot Party06-Feb06-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayParadise Riches07-Feb07-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the Daynaughty Ninjas08-Feb08-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayGolden Reels09-Feb09-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayMovie Magic10-Feb10-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayMoney Shot11-Feb11-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayLucky Lady12-Feb12-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayLast King of Egypt13-Feb13-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayLove Bugs14-Feb14-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayJungle King15-Feb15-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayGreen Meanies16-Feb16-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayCoral Cash17-Feb17-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayShaaark18-Feb18-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayDolphin King19-Feb19-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayBigfoot20-Feb20-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayAgent Cash21-Feb21-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayBangkok Nights22-Feb22-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayJa-Man23-Feb23-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayKanga Cask24-Feb24-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayMagic Monkey25-Feb25-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DaySafari26-Feb26-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DaySalsa27-Feb27-FebFREE$100
Free Game of the DayReel Deal28-Feb28-FebFREE$100
Daily KenoKeno01-Feb28-FebFREE$100

Weekly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Pay DayCity of Gold28-Jan02-Feb$3.00The Pot
Pay DayFunky Chicks04-Feb09-Feb$3.00The Pot
Pay DayCherry Blossoms11-Feb16-Feb$3.00The Pot
Pay DayCleopatra's Pyramid18-Feb23-Feb$3.00The Pot
Pay DayJester's Wild25-Feb02-Mar$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendCaribbean Gold01-Feb04-Feb$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendCash Caboose08-Feb11-Feb$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendCity of Gold15-Feb18-Feb$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendFunny Moolah22-Feb25-Feb$3.00The Pot
One Two Three WinAmanda Panda01-Feb03-Feb$3.00The Pot
One Two Three WinBeat the Bank08-Feb10-Feb$3.00The Pot
One Two Three WinCool Bananas15-Feb17-Feb$3.00The Pot
One Two Three WinDragon Master22-Feb24-Feb$3.00The Pot
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip28-Jan10-FebFREEThe Pot
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip11-Feb25-FebFREEThe Pot
The Poker PotJacks or Better29-Jan11-FebFREEThe Pot
The Poker PotJoker Poker12-Feb25-FebFREEThe Pot

Monthly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
The GroundhogFat Cat24-Jan04-Feb$5.00$2,000
Superbowl of CherriesCherry Blossoms26-Dec05-Feb$5.00The Pot
The HolsteinCash Cow31-Jan10-Feb$5.00$1,000
Play for the Pot ValentineDoctor Love11-Jan17-Feb$5.00The Pot
Funky Chicken Month LongFunky Chicken01-Feb28-Feb$5.00$5,000
The AmethystDynasty07-Feb18-Feb$5.00$1,500
Play For The Pot St PatrickLucky Irish10-Feb18-Mar$5.00The Pot
Mardi GrasHot Roller13-Feb24-Feb$5.00$1,000
Red CarpetTriple 10X Wild20-Feb04-Mar$5.00$2,000
DaylightKing Tiger28-Feb11-Mar$5.00$1,200


The tournament leader board in the lobby is updated every 60 seconds.

Please note that you may only use one account number to enter tournaments at this casino. Players with multiple active accounts will forfeit any tournament winnings and all accounts will be blocked. Please refer to our terms and conditions of use for further details.