Tournaments at Liberty Slots Casino

Liberty Slots tournaments offer you the opportunity to pit your wits, skill and luck against thousands of players from all over the world! We have daily and weekly, cash prize, tournaments in the schedule as well as monthly events offering even larger prizes. The full monthly schedule is listed below and is updated at the beginning of each calendar month.

To register for any of our tournaments, click on the tournament button in the casino lobby, review the list of available events, make your pick and sign up using the 'Register' button.

Tournaments end promptly at the published time. Any hands, spins or bonus features in play at the point at which the tournament ends will not complete and the outcome will not apply to the final result of the event. Only completed hands, spins and bonus features will count towards the final outcome.

Prizes are awarded directly into your casino balance within a few minutes of the tournament ending.


Daily Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Play for the PotCherry BlossomsMondayMonday$2.00The Pot
Play for the PotTriple 10X WildTuesdayTuesday$2.00The Pot
Play for the PotAgent CashWednesdayWednesday$2.00The Pot
Play for the PotFairies ForestThursdayThursday$2.00The Pot
Play for the PotRameses RichesFridayFriday$2.00The Pot
Play for the PotBirds of ParadiseSaturdaySaturday$2.00The Pot
Play for the PotAmanda PandaSundaySunday$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashCrazy Cherry01-May01-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Gold02-May02-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTurkey Time03-May03-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashDouble Gold04-May04-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashCash Grab05-May05-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashLiberty 7s06-May06-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashHaunted Reels07-May07-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Rainbow 7s08-May08-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashLucky Fruity 7s09-May09-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashMonte Magic10-May10-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashPay Day11-May11-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashDouble Gold12-May12-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Gold13-May13-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashCrazy Cherry14-May14-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Flamin 7s15-May15-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashWheel of Chance16-May16-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashCash Grab17-May17-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashLiberty 7s18-May18-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashCrazy Cherry19-May19-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashDouble Gold20-May20-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Gold21-May21-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashKing Tut's Treasure22-May22-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashMonte Magic23-May23-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashLucky Fruity 7s24-May24-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTurkey Time25-May25-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashWheel of Chance26-May26-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashPay Day27-May27-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashDouble Gold28-May28-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Gold29-May29-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashTriple Triple Gold30-May30-May$2.00The Pot
3 Reel CashLucky Irish31-May31-May$2.00The Pot
Daily Free SlotsCalifornia Gold01-May01-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsTarot Treasure02-May02-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsBigfoot03-May03-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsMonster Money04-May04-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsEastern Dragon05-May05-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsLast King of Egypt06-May06-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsFirehawk07-May07-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsMagic Monkey08-May08-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsHot Roller09-May09-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsArctic Queen10-May10-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsRockin Robin11-May11-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsSumo12-May12-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsKaraoke Cash13-May13-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsGrail Maiden14-May14-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsBangkok Nights15-May15-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsLivin the Life16-May16-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsMagic Carpet17-May17-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsHot Roller18-May18-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsLove Bugs19-May19-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsCalifornia Gold20-May20-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsKanga Cash21-May21-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsJa-Man22-May22-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsJurassic Slots23-May23-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsNaughty Ninjas24-May24-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsParrot Party25-May25-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsMile High26-May26-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsCool Bananas27-May27-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsWataa28-May28-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsCash Cow29-May29-MayFREE$100
Daily Free SlotsDolphin King30-May30-MayFREE$100
Daily Free Slots20,000 Leagues31-May31-MayFREE$100
Daily Cash PrizeVegas PartyMondayMonday$2.00The Pot
Daily Cash PrizeCity of GoldTuesdayTuesday$2.00The Pot
Daily Cash PrizeDoctor LoveWednesdayWednesday$2.00The Pot
Daily Cash PrizeDragon MasterThursdayThursday$2.00The Pot
Daily Cash PrizeDynastyFridayFriday$2.00The Pot
Daily Cash PrizeDolphin ReefSaturdaySaturday$2.00The Pot
Daily Cash PrizeCash CabooseSundaySunday$2.00The Pot
May DaysKing Tiger01-May01-May$5.00$500
May DaysLucky Beans02-May02-May$5.00$500
May DaysAmazing 7s03-May03-May$5.00$500
May DaysMagic Carpet04-May04-May$5.00$500
May DaysVampire Vixen05-May05-May$5.00$500
May DaysBlack Magic06-May06-May$5.00$500
May DaysLucky Lady07-May07-May$5.00$500
May DaysGold of the Gods08-May08-May$5.00$500
May DaysReel Deal09-May09-May$5.00$500
May DaysWheel of Chance10-May10-May$5.00$500
May DaysFunny Moolah11-May11-May$5.00$500
May DaysJa-Man12-May12-May$5.00$500
May DaysJurassic Slots13-May13-May$5.00$500
May DaysNorthern Lights14-May14-May$5.00$500
May DaysLa Fiesta15-May15-May$5.00$500
May DaysLa Cucaracha16-May16-May$5.00$500
May DaysMermaid's Quest17-May17-May$5.00$500
May DaysCash Cow18-May18-May$5.00$500
May DaysSuper Soccer Slots19-May19-May$5.00$500
May DaysSafari20-May20-May$5.00$500
May DaysFunny Moolah21-May21-May$5.00$500
May DaysRight Prize22-May22-May$5.00$500
May DaysShaaark23-May23-May$5.00$500
May DaysVampire Vixen24-May24-May$5.00$500
May DaysSolomon's Mines25-May25-May$5.00$500
May DaysCash Cow26-May26-May$5.00$500
May DaysFunky Chicken27-May27-May$5.00$500
May DaysLucky Beans28-May28-May$5.00$500
May Days20,000 Leagues29-May29-May$5.00$500
May DaysShaaark30-May30-May$5.00$500
May DaysFunny Moolah31-May31-May$5.00$500
Daily KenoKeno01-May31-MayFREE$100

Weekly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
The Big Gold WeekendSolomon's Mines04-May08-May$3.00The Pot
The Big Gold WeekendVampire Vixen11-May15-May$3.00The Pot
The Big Gold Weekend20,000 Leagues18-May22-May$3.00The Pot
The Big Gold WeekendBeat the Bank25-May29-May$3.00The Pot
Try Your LuckJacks or Better28-Apr04-May$2.50$500
Try Your LuckDeuces and Joker05-May11-May$2.50$500
Try Your LuckAces and Faces12-May18-May$2.50$500
Try Your LuckDeuces Wild19-May25-May$2.50$500
Try Your LuckJacks or Better26-May01-Jun$2.50$500
Weekly BlackjackEuropean28-Apr04-May$5.00$500
Weekly BlackjackClassic05-May11-May$5.00$500
Weekly BlackjackVegas Single Deck12-May18-May$5.00$500
Weekly BlackjackVegas Strip19-May25-May$5.00$500
Weekly BlackjackEuropean26-May01-Jun$5.00$500

Monthly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Play for the Pot Mothers DayCleopatra's Pyramid10-Apr14-May$5.00The Pot
Derby DayCash Cow26-Apr06-May$5.00$1,500
Banana BreadCool Bananas03-May13-May$5.00$1,000
General TsoFunky Chicken11-May21-May$5.00$2,000
Winner Take AllFat Cat17-May27-May$5.00$1,000
Play for the Pot Fathers DayKing Tiger18-May18-Jun$5.00The Pot
Hot SpinsHot Roller24-May04-Jun$5.00$1,500
Play for the Pot BlackjackAtlantic City11-May27-May$5.00The Pot


The tournament leader board in the lobby is updated every 60 seconds.

Please note that you may only use one account number to enter tournaments at this casino. Players with multiple active accounts will forfeit any tournament winnings and all accounts will be blocked. Please refer to our terms and conditions of use for further details.