Lucky Irish slot game

Single pay-line three reel slot game that includes a wild pot of gold that completes any winning combination PLUS a Bonus Leprechaun who guarantees a win!


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Payouts occur on the center pay-line only. For every coin that you put in, you increase your payout.

When the reels stop spinning the symbol combinations along the center pay-line are checked.

You get paid out for any winning combination falling on the pay-line.

Lucky Irish has a wild symbol – the Lucky Irish symbol - that completes all winning 3 symbol combinations.

If your payout is completed by 1 Wild symbol, your payout is doubled (2 x).

If your payout is completed by 2 Wild symbols, your payout is quadrupled (4 x).

The winnings paid out on Lucky Irish are dependent on the symbol combination that lands on the pay-line, the value of the coin bet and the number of coins bet.

The total of your winnings is the number of coins won, times, the value of the coin played.

If more than one combination falls on played pay-lines, winnings are paid out on the highest combination only.

The minimum machine wager is one $0.10 coin and the maximum wager is three $10.00 coins.

Decide on the coin size that you wish to play with by clicking on the + or - buttons.

Decide how many coins you wish to bet by clicking on the BET ONE or PLAY MAX buttons.

Use the PLAY MAX button if you want to wager the maximum number of coins for the slot machine on the next spin.

Press SPIN REELS to start the game.

Launching the Bonus Game

The Bonus game is activated when a leprechaun symbol is displayed on the third reel of the center payline.

The Bonus game will be launched in place of the paytable, and the reels and buttons of the slot game will be disabled.

How to Play the Lucky Irish Bonus Game

Once the intro finishes, 9 Leprechauns will be displayed.

Click on one of the Leprechauns to reveal a prize.

You will then have the choice to either collect your prize or select another Leprechaun.

If you choose to "Trade", you will select another Leprechaun and the prize will be revealed and you will have the option to "Collect" or "Trade". After the third round the bonus game will end and you will win the last prize that was revealed.

If you choose to collect, the bonus game ends and the prize amount is added to your balance and the bonus game is replaced with the paytable.

See Pay-Table and Rules in game for complete game rules.

RTP - 91.50 %

Instant Play Download now Mobile