Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack: European Rules Blackjack with an optional side bet


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Table Limits:

Minimum wager per hand - $2.00

Maximum wager per hand - $200.00

Multi-Hand - Yes: 1-5

Table limit - $1,000.00


Our casino version of Perfect Pairs Blackjack is played using European Blackjack rules with Four 52-card decks that are shuffled after each hand. There are 5 playing positions you can choose from and you can play up to 5 hands of blackjack at the same time. Each hand played is a separate wager against the dealer.


The goal is for the player's hand to add up to 21 or have a hand that is higher than the dealer. In addition to this goal you have the option of placing a Perfect Pairs side bet, which guarantees a win as long as the initial two cards that are dealt to you form a pair. The payout for this bet is based on the Perfect Pairs payout table.

Dealer's Options

The dealer must hit on all hands totaling 16 or less and stand on all hands totaling 17 or more.

How to Play

When starting the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game for the first time, the blackjack table is empty – no cards or wagers are on the table and the default wager amount is active.
You now decide how much you want to wager and how many hands you want to play and then place your wager(s) on the table. Once you have completed placing your initial wager(s) you can place the Perfect Pairs side bet. The game starts by clicking on the DEAL button.

Two cards are dealt at each player position that has a wager and two cards are given to the dealer. One of the dealer's cards remains face down and all other cards are turned face up.

At this point the outcome of the Perfect Pairs bet is determined, provided that you have placed one at the beginning of the game. If the two cards dealt to you form a pair your Perfect Pair bet will remain on the table and you will be paid out at the end of the game. If no pair is formed by your two cards, the Perfect Pair bet will be automatically removed from the blackjack table.

You are now able to HIT, STAND or DOUBLE , and when applicable you are able to SPLIT or buy INSURANCE. If possible you have to decide to SPLIT or DOUBLE before choosing to HIT or STAND. Once you've made your decision to buy INSURANCE you can then SPLIT, DOUBLE, HIT or STAND.

If your dealt hand contains an Ace and a 10 or a face card then you have a BLACKJACK, also called a NATURAL, and play is automatically moved to the next available hand.

If the value of your hand exceeds 21 then you have gone BUST and have lost this hand and play automatically moves to the next available hand.

When the player's hand(s) are completed the dealer's hand is played out. Once the dealer's hand is complete, your hand(s) is compared to the dealer's hand to determine win(s) or loss(es) and to update your casino account balance accordingly.

To play again you click on the REBET button and then click on the DEAL button.


Perfect Pairs Blackjack Table Limits and Payouts

For each hand played, there is a $2.00 minimum bet and a $200.00 limit.

Winning hands pay 1 to 1
Insurance pays 2 to 1
Black Jack pays 3 to 2
Push Hands – original wager returned

Perfect Pairs Payout:

Perfect Pair pays 30 to 1
Colored Pair pays 10 to 1
Mixed Pair pays 5 to 1


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