These are the current jackpots available at Liberty Slots:


Game Jackpot 1 Jackpot 2 Jackpot 3
MEGA-MONEY MINE $159,088.01    
PAY DIRT $105,766.53    
RED, WHITE & WIN $154,888.02    
TREASURE TRAIL $68,405.79    
MINE ALL MINE $56,622.31 $3,488.17 $862.96
BLACKJACK $62,786.88    
WIN, PLACE or SHOW $7,944.53    
TRIPLE WILD CHERRY $25,213.02    
REEL POKER SLOTS $8,195.21 $145.22 $13.16
7X LUCKY SEVENS $7,459.27    
ULTIMATE 10X WILD $3,964.74    


Refresh the screen to update the most current jackpot values.

A portion of every wager placed on the games listed above goes to feed the progressive jackpot amount displayed.

For the Blackjack game, participation in the jackpot is optional. Players may play the game without contributing to the jackpot which, in this case, requires an additional wager in order to take part in the jackpot schedule.

The Reel Poker Slots jackpot 2 and jackpot 3 are 'Must Win' prizes. Jackpot 2 can be won at any time but must be won by the time it reaches $750.00. Jackpot 3 can be won at any time but must be won by the time it reaches $75.00. The close these jackpots get to the 'Must Win' amount, the higher the likelihood of them being awarded. Both jackpots are awarded randomly.

Due to the nature of these jackpot contributions, these games are not currently available for free-money play.